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Lorraine's Soup Kitchen and Pantry helps people every day! The Kitchen serves 100 meals each day to our neighbors who could otherwise go hungry. Monthly, over 500 families benefit from the groceries available in the Pantry. We can help!

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Throughout my life I have benefited from the generosity of friends, teachers, coaches, and organizations. The list could go on. Like everyone I try to help when I can. I have always loved to run. This is a great opportunity to combine these life experiences with the boundless generosity of our community for Lorraine's Soup Kitchen. Thanks to my colleagues at Real Living Realty Professionals for their support and encouragement.

Holyoke Catholic

Holyoke Catholic
Lady Gaels XC Team

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Real to Reel 12-10-2011

 The Real to Reel program had a segment this week on the Running for Food promotion highlighting the Soup Kitchen and the Holyoke Catholic Girls XC team. Terry Hegarty did a wonderful job editing and narrating the video.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday, Nov 14

Now that the running is ended I am resting my heel. For the last 4 months I have had a sore and tight heel on my right foot. OUCH! But, a couple weeks of rest and all will be fine. The Catholic Mirror magazine ran a wonderful article on the Run.
As awareness for the need to help grows, donations keep coming in. It is very heartwarming. The last major publicity will be on the Real to Reel television show. It is now scheduled to air a Saturday after Thanksgiving.
I thank you all for making this effort a success.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Oct 21

Kathy Mitchell wrote a very nice article for the Chicopee Register describing the Run and the last segment Sunday. Please take a moment and click on the link.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Oct 16 Run #61

World Food Day!  I completed the run in the company of friends and family today. Big thank you to Melissa Boisselle, John Goda, Gerry Boisselle, Meredith Duval, Matt Duval and Chris Duval for going the last three miles with me. We finished at the Soup Kitchen about 10:15 this morning. It was really exciting to hear the boisterous crowd as we approached the finish. It was great to see Per, Jim, Asa, Paul, Suzie, Claude, Kim, Al, Anna, Kathy, Lorraine (the founder) and more. Thank you to the Kitchen for being so supportive. Especially board member and lifelong friend, Dave Gilrein for inspiring and Director Kim Goullette for believing. The run was done for more than money but money was the primary reason. There have been many donations along the way from so many caring people. Thank you to everyone who helped so much. The tally of donations as of this morning was just over $4610. This money will be helpful to the Soup Kitchen in their mission. There are a number of donations still to come. I would like to finish by thanking a person I have never spoken to or met. Jim O'Neill who grew up in Chicopee and lives in the state of Washington reached out right from the beginning of the run with a donation, helpful suggestions and and heartfelt support for the effort. Thank you Jim. Tomorrow, I will give my feet a rest.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday Oct 13 Run #60

Cool, wet day today. Beautiful day to be running. I ran in and around where I grew up today: Chicomansett Village, now called Chicopee Apartments. And Kirby Elementary Scool (just kidding), where I went to school through the eight grade. It was a terrific time growing up there. Kirby School is now condominiums!
ONE RUN TO GO! Sunday is it. Finish at 10:00 am right in front of Lorraine's Soup Kitchen! Come and say hello!
Donations are just edging up to the $4000 mark. I have invited many people to run with me on this last run.
I hope to see you all there.

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World Food Day Oct 16

World Food Day Oct 16
President Al Picard accepts check from Paul

Chicopee High School

Chicopee High School
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Sandy Hill

Sandy Hill
State Rep Joe Wagner with The Running Realtor

Chicopee EyeCare

Chicopee EyeCare

8-2 Tom, Jack and Paul

8-2 Tom, Jack and Paul
Running w Tom and Jack